In education  

Improve academic performance, reduce test anxiety, build resilience, and improve socio-emotional wellbeing.

  • One-to-one mentoring sessions for individuals  (contact me for further information)
  • Professional development workshops and live webinars for teachers and other staff 
  • Classroom programs, including instructor's kit and other resources, for delivery by teachers

Endorsements about HeartMath’s TestEdge® National Demonstration Study, comprising students at primary and high school level in the United States:

“I was thrilled to read HeartMath’s comprehensive report on the results of the TestEdge National Demonstration Study. The study is superb … (and) yielded an impressive body of cross-corroborating evidence documenting he effectiveness of the TestEdge program in reducing student anxiety and improving test performance.  Of particular import is the physiological evidence indicating that students in the program had established a new set point of emotional stability – a requisite for sustained behavioral change.  The study is an exemplar of how social science experiments in open field research settings ought to be done.”

Karl H. Pribram, M.D., PH.D.(Hon.Multi.)
Neuropsychologist; Author – Brain and Perception of Languages of the Brain;
Professor Emeritus, Stanford University; Distinguished Research Professor, Georgetown University

The detailed information presented in this report … provides impressive evidence of the effectiveness of the TestEdge program.  For students who were trained to use the TestEdge program to manage their stress, this resulted in significant reductions in the Test Anxiety Inventory scores and corresponding improvement in scores on standard measures of academic performance.  I was especially impressed with the careful statistical analyses of the data, … (which) provide impressive evidence that the TestEdge program is an effective intervention for reducing test anxiety and facilitating academic performance.”

Charles D. Spielberger, PH.D., ABPP
Psychologist; Author – Understanding Stress and Anxiety, State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, and Test Anxiety Inventory; Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology and Director, Centre for Research in Behavioral Medicine and Health Psychology, University of South Florida

As an author primarily concerned with the development of intelligence in children, whose eight books on that general theme have been published and translated into many languages, … I predict that within a decade nothing less than a true revolution in child development, rearing, and education will be brought about by HeartMath’s TestEdge research.

Of all of the HeartMath reports, this one holds the greatest promise.  It is a goldmine of information, research, and insight … That the biological basis for learning lies in the emotional structures of brain and heart, not in intellectual schema and enforced modifications of behaviour, is literally the liberation of childhood and the society as a whole.  All I can do is applaud, with a grateful heart."

Joseph Chilton Pearce
Specialist in early childhood development; Author – Magical Child, Evolution’s End, and The Biology of Transcendence